Editorial 14 April 2013

Radio Biafra continues to battle with the epileptic power supply in Nigeria which has been making it impossible to transmit effective and efficient quality live broadcasts from Biafraland. We sincerely apologise for the delays and disruption to our quality services to you.We however advise that there is no guarantee that there would be a quick fix to this problem until we commence full broadcasting from London again.

Editorial 30th March 2013

 We would sincerely like to apologise for the disruption to our services both on Saturday the 30th of March and last night the 31st of March as was previously advertised. This was due to technical difficulties associated with the imminent launch of Radio Biafra new website and difficulties with securing a reliable internet high speed connection anywhere in Nigeria. It was our intention to bring you live interactive broadcast from Nigeria and Biafraland but the technological backwardness and all pervading fraud within the Nigeria telecommunicaions industry has made this very difficult.. The advertised 4G broadband speed in Nigeria is in effect 1G in Europe and other parts of the world and is not capable of delivering our signal from Nigeria to our studios in London for onward transmission to the whole world.