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Editorial 2 May 2013

Who says the North is afraid of break-up? Certainly not! The Northern Hausa/Fulani people were the first to threaten the Nigerian federation with secession when on the eve of the birth of an independent country they vowed to break away if 50% of the legislative seat was not given to them. The North again in 1966 after their successful ethnic cleansing with their so-called counter coup tagged Araba (meaning break-up/separation in Hausa language)with Yakubu Gowon displaying the Northern flag, national anthem and other paraphernalia of state went ahead to say that “the basis of unity does not exist”. The North pulled back after having quenched their lust for blood with the death of 300,000 Igbos living in the North and Yorubaland and having received sound advice from the British and American diplomats not divide the country when they can have the whole empire to control.

Killing Fields 1

Editorial 1 May 2013

Nigeria is the Angel of Death Through the years-from 1945 to be exact-to the present day, various Islamic movements with Jihadist tendencies have risen in the North, Middle Belt and Western regions of Nigeria to attack and kill Igbo people and other Christian ethnic groups from Eastern Nigeria.

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Editorial 30 April 2013

The intellectual emptiness of One Nigeria apologists For those that readily dismiss the sanctity and importance of distinct ethnic and cultural uniqueness of the various groups conscripted to make up One Nigeria and advocate instead that dissolution of these divergent cultures into one cauldron of diversity are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. This flawed and misleading line of argument used to justify the continued subjugation of millions of people is what is holding back meaningful human development in Nigeria that gave rise to the daily spectacle of bloodbath that has horrified the world.

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Editorial 29 April 2013

We are not asking for independence from Nigeria, what we are demanding is that we be returned to where we were before the zoo (Nigeria) was created by the masters of creation from Europe. Only God in heaven can create a nation. Europeans are not God and should not be involved in the process of creating new nations from the good Lord himself already made. Anybody that accepts the existence of One Nigeria is by default acknowledging that Europeans are in effect the God of creation of Black Africans worthy to worshipped and praised. We might as well substitute the picture of Christ with that of Lord Luggard in our churches.

Carol Munday Surrey

Follow up to My Candid View on Biafra by Carol Munday

Some people responded to my write up two days ago Friday 26 April 2013 enquiring what how they can help Radio Biafra continue what its work. Shortly after the publication of the piece I got a phone call and was asked by the director if I would come to the studio in London to defend what I had written. Despite being many miles away from London, I decided to honor the invitation and duly participated in the broadcast on Friday evening. Having taking part in a live broadcast, I am now glad I did.

Editorial 27 April 2013

Break-up of Nigeria Imminent and most likely to happen sooner in 2014 and not the predicted 2015 As Northern Nigeria politicians fear that Goodluck Jonathan may implement the Clause in the 1914 Amalgamation proclamation document that allows for separation after 100 years, outspoken chieftain of the Northern Political Forum and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and ardent follower and supporter of former Vice President Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, Chief Abu King Shuluwa has predicted a major revolution in 2014 capable of disintegrating the country if the ongoing turmoil in the country continues.

Carol Munday Surrey

Editorial 26 April 2013

My Candid opinion about the Struggle for Biafra to all those living outside Biafraland…by CarolMunday listener from London Radio Biafra is a liberation radio station, it’s for freedom fighting. The members of Radio Biafra and Billie Human Rights are human beings who believe in the freedom of the Biafran people.  If the people could be united, who could stand in their way? Nigeria would no longer exist, how wonderful this dream seems almost sounds like we are asking for the kingdom of heaven to come. The question remains, are Biafrans capable of being united? I am restraining myself from laughing, it is indeed laughable going by all available evidence but then again in every liberation struggle there are bound to splinter groups in so far as they are fighting for the same common goal.

Editorial 24 April 2013

Killing Igbo people is the easiest way to make money in Nigeria  With the announcement that the government of Nigeria under the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan is offering financial reward to killers of Igbos, reports are indicating that more moderate Hausa/Fulani men are being encouraged by extremist Islamic clerics and traditional rulers to join Boko Haram as a way of getting a slice of the national cake.