Peter Obi Anambra politics 2

Editorial 8 May 2013

Peter Obi should release the Autopsy Report on Ezu River victims The world is still waiting for the autopsy results on the unfortunate victims whose bodies were dumped in Ezu River by the Nigerian Police at the orders of Peter Obi the Anambra State governor. Joint ‘public’ sitting of two committees of the Senate have sat and taken depositions from the families of the victim and told how a total of ten persons were denied access to their families from periods ranging from October 22, 2012 to when they were killed. These are part of the bodies recovered at Ezu River.

christianity cross

Editorial 7 May 2013

Biafra: The Tithes and the Taunted Rejoicing Ikechukwu Enyiagu writes for Radio Biafra Editorial Board in response to reactions to the Editorial of 6 May 2013 This piece takes a closer look at the principle of God’s demand to tithing in the church; His view, intention and direction for its full utilization. It equally intends to highlight the place of the tither, who is qualified to tithe, who is qualified to receive the tithes, the right church and altar to tithe and the place of the church in the symbiotic tithing commitments.

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Editorial 6 May 2013

Paying Tithe to African Pastors is Sin against GOD-The Dead Churches & Satanic Pastors By Lovina Iburene Originally the church is not a building but a local congregation of Christians . . . Christ followers with Christ-like qualities . . . entry is by confession of Christ . . . a believer who is in a state of innocence.

Slavery Stop in Igboland

Editorial 5 May 2013

Only Igbos can Stop the problems in Igboland; only Biafrans can get Biafra The reason why crime and all manner of evil continue to persist in Biafra and especially Igboland today is because those that are better placed to speak up for the down trodden impoverished and enslaved masses have all abandoned the people to a cabal of insincere and compromised politicians and rulers. These people, most of whom are abroad-especially those in Europe, United States and Australia look the other way as their own flesh and blood are hunted and slaughtered on a daily basis across Northern Nigeria. They put immediate family considerations over and above the well being of their people.

Igbo Day Red Cap Chiefs

Editorial 4 May 2013

Corrupt Igbo Politicians and Compromised Freedom Fighters not welcome at Radio Biafra The need to reactivate Radio Biafra London was borne out of recognition that Igbos are the only ethnic group being singled out, hunted and killed like wild animals all over Nigeria. Even Boko Haram knows that Igbos are too divided, too weak and consumed by pursuit of money to be concerned about defending the lives of their own people living in Northern Nigeria. No other race is being targeted the way Igbos are in Nigeria today, not even the so-called minorities. To be killed and unable to speak out is the ultimate humiliation any race can endure. We as a people cannot continue to live like this.

Crumbling Coat of Arms nigeria

Editorial 3 May 2013

Why Igbos in Hausa/Fulani Northern Nigeria are doomed Extracts of interview between Ohaneze Ndigbo Kano leader Chief Idika and group of American journalists before the latest multiple Kano bombings that claimed over 81 lives including that of Ikechukwu Anosike from Ndagbo Isiama Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia Abia State. QUESTION: Sir, last year, there was a coordinated series of attacks in Kano that left many people dead. Knowing that Kano is a hotbed of terrorism, why do you people stay?”

Crumbling Coat of Arms nigeria

Editorial 2 May 2013

Who says the North is afraid of break-up? Certainly not! The Northern Hausa/Fulani people were the first to threaten the Nigerian federation with secession when on the eve of the birth of an independent country they vowed to break away if 50% of the legislative seat was not given to them. The North again in 1966 after their successful ethnic cleansing with their so-called counter coup tagged Araba (meaning break-up/separation in Hausa language)with Yakubu Gowon displaying the Northern flag, national anthem and other paraphernalia of state went ahead to say that “the basis of unity does not exist”. The North pulled back after having quenched their lust for blood with the death of 300,000 Igbos living in the North and Yorubaland and having received sound advice from the British and American diplomats not divide the country when they can have the whole empire to control.

Killing Fields 1

Editorial 1 May 2013

Nigeria is the Angel of Death Through the years-from 1945 to be exact-to the present day, various Islamic movements with Jihadist tendencies have risen in the North, Middle Belt and Western regions of Nigeria to attack and kill Igbo people and other Christian ethnic groups from Eastern Nigeria.

Sorrow weeping ordinary people Nigeria

Editorial 30 April 2013

The intellectual emptiness of One Nigeria apologists For those that readily dismiss the sanctity and importance of distinct ethnic and cultural uniqueness of the various groups conscripted to make up One Nigeria and advocate instead that dissolution of these divergent cultures into one cauldron of diversity are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. This flawed and misleading line of argument used to justify the continued subjugation of millions of people is what is holding back meaningful human development in Nigeria that gave rise to the daily spectacle of bloodbath that has horrified the world.

Nigeria map Armageddon

Editorial 29 April 2013

We are not asking for independence from Nigeria, what we are demanding is that we be returned to where we were before the zoo (Nigeria) was created by the masters of creation from Europe. Only God in heaven can create a nation. Europeans are not God and should not be involved in the process of creating new nations from the good Lord himself already made. Anybody that accepts the existence of One Nigeria is by default acknowledging that Europeans are in effect the God of creation of Black Africans worthy to worshipped and praised. We might as well substitute the picture of Christ with that of Lord Luggard in our churches.