Nigeria: Startling Revelations About Fulani Herdsmen Attacks -By Professor Charles Adisa

    By Professor Charles Adisa   For a long time, the Nigerian state has been under siege by Fulani herdsmen terrorists operating under a predictable pattern of reconnaissance, attack and withdrawal, leading to many deaths and social dislocations. Since January 2016, there has been documented deaths of approximately 1000 Nigerians from across the middle…


Editorial 2 June 2013

Besides setting them in the oil rich areas of Nigeria, the Lord Almighty has blessed them with abundance of agricultural products e.g palm produce in big commercial quantity besides their intelligence, dynamism and great ability for hard work.

Igboland Desolate

Editorial 16 May 2013

The stupidity of IGBO COMMUNITY COLLEGE, LOKOJA – KOGI STATE There are many cogent and practical reasons for the opposition to “foreign” enterprises by the Igbo. Here are the more potent reasons:

Igbo Leaders

Editorial 12 May 2013

EZU RIVER KILLINGS; SHAME ON IGBO LEADERS There is no other part of the Zoo (Nigeria) where the kind of shocking discovery at Ezu River in Anambra state would happen and the country remains the same

Solidarity Biafra

Editorial 10 May 2013

Ikechukwu Enyiagu writes for Radio Biafra Editorial Board My people, we all know that now is the time because what we have all tried to set up and to kick-start towards the emancipation of our people from the hell-trap called Nigeria was eventually done, but not as we had thought or planned. It was kicked off, nevertheless, towards the goal which has always been one: the cause for an Independent Biafra. I call on all pro-Biafran organizations and individuals to align themselves with what Radio Biafra London and Bilie Human Rights Initiative are doing so that our speed may be boosted and our collective goal realized earlier than thought.

Nigeria map Armageddon

Let my people go as Jihadists continues the Ethnic cleansing of Igbo People from Northern Nigeria

“We want to stress that in our struggle, we only kill Nigerian Government functionaries, security agents, Christians and anyone who pretends to be a Muslim”…Boko Haram For the second year running the blood of innocent women, children and men of South Eastern Nigeria origin have been sacrificed at the altar of One Nigeria by Hausa/Fulani Islamic bigots. The ritual slaughter or throat slitting of Christians especially Igbo traders in their places of worship in Northern Nigeria is significant because it is a clear and unequivocal statement that Igbos are not wanted in other parts of Nigeria. More shocking is the way human beings are routinely slaughtered like ram which in Islamic psyche symbolises the ritual offering of blood of a living animal to Allah. Igbo men, women and children are being killed in exactly the same way Muslims kill their ram and ox during Eid or Salah festivals.

Peter Obi Anambra politics 2

Editorial 8 May 2013

Peter Obi should release the Autopsy Report on Ezu River victims The world is still waiting for the autopsy results on the unfortunate victims whose bodies were dumped in Ezu River by the Nigerian Police at the orders of Peter Obi the Anambra State governor. Joint ‘public’ sitting of two committees of the Senate have sat and taken depositions from the families of the victim and told how a total of ten persons were denied access to their families from periods ranging from October 22, 2012 to when they were killed. These are part of the bodies recovered at Ezu River.