BIAFRA Atonement DAY: 3RD – 4TH OCTOBER, 2014

The act of atoning for sin is called atonement or propitiation. It has been found that we left our ways with God, Chukwu Abiama and adopted the ways of others that God forsake us and gave others power to stick in our naturally blessed land to the extents that the majority of us are now in exile and as slaves

ezu river body

Biafrans demand Ezu River Autopsy Report from Ex Gov Peter Obi

The most outstanding issues in Anambra State today regarding the conduct of the incumbent Chief Security Officer and Governor Mr Peter Obi are: 1. Failure of Peter Obi to ensure effective investigation to unravel and/or disclose the whole truth about what happened to Igbo sons at Ezu River, whose naked and half clothed corpses were found floating on the river.

IPOB FAMILY and Non-Jewish minorities drawn to Berlin anti-racism rally

IPOB FAMILY IN GERMANY HAS DONE US PROUD ONCE AGAIN….When APC/Boko Haram Biafrans sponsored by Mallam Okorocha are busy inboxing our coordinators, genuine hard working Biafrans are sleeping outside train stations for the sake of highlighting the name of our country before a global audienceBERLIN — A Jewish community-organized rally protesting the recent surge of anti-Semitism throughout Germany saw an eclectic 8,000-strong crowd at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate Sunday

Exclusive question that Colonel Joseph Achuzia must help BILIE and Rochas Okorocha to answer: Can a nation like Biafra ever be tagged a terrorist?

This is BILIE’s conspiracy in US to tag IPOB and Radio Biafra Director terrorist. We ask can a nation like Biafra ever be tagged a terrorist? BILIE organization will be incarnated once Biafra is restored, and its members jailed. Be warned now if you are a member of BILIE now is a good time to…


Today I stood along with IPOB (indigenous people of Biafra) in the parliment of Norway and spoke these words on behalf of Biafrans worldwide.*Restoration for the state of Biafra, with the IPOB who are using their own media Radio Biafra and Social Media platforms for a voice for the previously voiceless.There are many challenges faced by all indigenous peoples around the world, any country outside of another has a vested interest in looking at the core


The recurrent killings, bombings and destruction of human lives by the Boko Haram religious sect in the name of Allah and their demands for the Islamization of Nigeria was the greatest justification for the foresyth of the late Odumegwu Ojukwu, President, Commander-in Chief of the armed forces of the Defunct Republic of Biafra.Odumegwu Ojukwu, a visionary leader, became the Military Administrator of Eastern Region after the military coup of 1966. It was Ojukwu as Battalion Commander in Kano who foiled the northern axis of the Kaduna Nzeogwu coup of 1966 while Ironsi foiled the Lagos end.

Series 11: How Nigeria was created by Lord Sir Frederick Lugard & Royal Niger Company

The Liman came today, and went off to see the King and finally arrange about who was to represent him, regarding the business I wanted to speak of. He promised to be back again by 1or2 P.M. He duly turned up with two more ch1efs who with himself were deputed to represent the King. We went though