Radio Biafra now Live on Satellite AMOS 5 satellite @ 17E. Frequency: 12216V S/R: 27500 FEC-3/4

It’s with warm gratitude to Chukwu Abiama, dancing hearts of joy and shouts of freedom from our mouths that Indigenous People of Biafra happily announce to the world that Radio Biafra, the voice for Indigenous People of Biafra, can now be received via satellite on these coordinates: AMOS 5 satellite @ 17E. Frequency: 12216V S/R: 27500 FEC-3/4 They said we couldn’t bring Biafrans together, we did. They said we couldn’t buy a transmitter and we did. While they are still arguing over whether we can deliver the promised Radio Biafra signal on transmitter to our families at home and in diaspora, we landed on satellite. Negative critics, wait for more! What we promised to deliver to our people is what Chukwu Abiama has commanded us to do: to restore our beloved republic, Biafra.

Another look at the Lord Lugard and her wife Flora Shaw the jezebel, the god almighty maker of Nigerian the zoological republic

Lord Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, have you seen what you have done? It is probable that you are burning somewhere in the hottest part of hell, but Hell should be glad with you that you left a part of hell on earth for some unfortunate people. Adam listened to Eve and see what became of mankind. You, damned fool, listened to your wife, Flora Shaw, and named awhole country after a river.Whoever has ever named a country after a river in the long interminable annals of world history? Rivers were made for mankind, mankind was not made for the river. That is why we cannot live it like fishes.


May 30, 2014: Worldwide demonstration by the Indigenous People of Biafra

May 30, 2014: Worldwide demonstration by the Indigenous People of Biafra to commemorate the genocide against Biafrans during Nigeria-Biafra war and the current state-sponsored genocide against Biafrans in the illegal Nigeria The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) cordially invite all Biafrans, friends of Biafra and sympathisers to her maiden worldwide demonstration in commemoration of the souls of those who died during the genocide perpetrated by Nigeria prior, during, and after

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We all have heard of ‘THE END’, This is it, unless… B’Haram to Biafrans/Christians : NIGERIA AMALGAMATION EXPIRES DECEMBER 31

As the amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorate by the British will be put to an end this year on December 31, groups, regions and individuals have called for a new negotiation to decide whether the country should divide or not.Certain documents signed into law at the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 indicate that the country was created as an experiment meant to last for 100 years, and break up if the peoples are not compatible.The documents, known as ’Tinubu Square Edict’ or Accord of 1914 was said to be similar to the British/China accord of Hong Kong to be enforced for a centennial reign. Although the document is kept secret, this fact is generally known to the ruling class, most dons of political science and law as well as the government of UK. However, there has been a consistent effort by Nigerian government to keep this knowledge out of public as it may lead to agitation for breaking the country into two; pre-1914 status especially by those in the south.But following the frequent agitation by those in South for balkanization indicates that the secret has been known to them. There are strong indications that the United States of America, USA, may be gearing up for a possible balkanisation of the country following developments in the last few years.This indication is contained in a publication credited to NEWSRESCUE in America, where accounts of an article written by Director of the African Security Research Project in Washington, DC and Guest Columnist of AllAfrica Global Media, Mr. Daniel Volman and speakers in an AFRICOM conference held at Fort McNair were given. So let everybody be watchful and Muslims be aware of any possible scenario that may hinder our Deen. May Allah protects all Muslims and save the Nation.


World Bank Releases List of Nigerian Looters

World Bank releases list of Nigerian looters. Fellow Nigerians, Find bellow the reasons why Nigeria is in the situation it is in, lacks all infrastructures. Pass this on to the people you know. This need not be let to rest. These men are selfish and for all I care they were trusted by all Nigerians to lead us rather they robbed us blind. LOOTED MONEY DISCOVERED IN FOREIGN BANKS NAMES OF DEPOSITORS LONDON SWISS($) USA ($) GERMANY (D) GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA 6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn GEN ABUBAKAR 1.31bn 2.33bn 800M


CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Yorubas are the problem with Nigeria

**Yoruba elite were the first, in 1962, to attempt a violent overthrow of an elected government in this country.**after Chief Awo lost to Shagari in 1983 elections, it was the discontent and bad publicity in the S/West which led to the Buhari intervention. “In sum, the Yoruba political leadership, as mentioned by Balarabe Musa, has shown itself over the years to be incapable of rising above narrow tribal interests and reciprocating goodwill from other sections of the country by treating other groups with respect. Practically every crisis in Nigeria since independence has its roots in this attitude. i. The Yoruba elite and area-boy politics;ii. Igbo marginalisation and the responsible limits of retribution; andiii. The Yoruba Factor and “Area-boy” Politics.


Bola Ahmed Tinubu treasury looter foreign bank accounts, One Nigerianists my foot

One-Nigeria for Looters and Death to equity and Justice As the expiration of the 100-year amalgamation of what is Nigeria draws near, many feathers have been ruffled as to why there has risen a wide cry for the disintegration of the country into nations with common interests. Amongst these seas of unsolvable reasons are: false/faulty foundation, incompatibility, religious intolerance, terrorism, deprivation of sections, marginalization and the unending looting of the treasury by politicians. However, determined to maintain the unholy grip over the lives of Biafrans whose resources are the looted “National Cake,” the All Progressive Congress ( APC) which emerged from a political marriage between ACN of the Yoruba Nation and CPC of the Hausa-Fulani Nation gave their fullest push for the final onslaught against and compulsive submission from Biafrans in the just concluded gubernatorial election in Anambra State. To their greatest bewilderment and to the wonder of the world which has sat on in silence as evil against evil is perpetuated in Nigeria against an indigenous people,


Africans Are The Only Slaves In The World Besotted To Their Masters’ Gods

Africans are the most pious bunch of Homo sapiens in the world right now, judging by our total surrender to prayers as the answer to all our problems. We are the only group of people on earth expecting God to climb down from heaven to run our governments, businesses and domestic affairs for us. The vogue is to do nothing for ourselves because some devilish extraterrestrial God will fill the pot-holes on our roads, provide us with regular electricity, create jobs for the jobless, put drugs in our run-down health clinics, and books in our empty university libraries, if we pray hard enough. Some smart guys, capitalizing on our naiveté, have set up what is now the only viable and lucrative industry in our society. Unproductive and contributing nothing to national productivity, but the religious leaders collect tithes to buy private jets, set up universities, own banks, acquire fabulous estates around the world and parade rosy cheeks, while their flocks sink deeper into abject poverty and squalor. Coup plotters, armed robbers, assassins, hoodlums, 419 crooks, all pray to the


The Arab World Wants Nigeria Dead. Zoological Republic of Nigeria the most corrupt country on earth.

The Arab world desperately wants Nigeria dead or under their firm control. In June 2010, Gadhafi announced in Libya that Nigeria should split into several countries or at least on religious basis of Islam versus Christians or North versus South. If this failed, the Arabs want a Somali or Sudan situation in Nigeria, preferring the Somali scenario if they cannot control Nigeria because as they claim, Nigeria is too large. What they mean by too large is that Nigerian influence in Africa is creating a clog in their efforts at Arabizing all of Africa. The arrow head of the Arab world’s Arabization policy in Africa is Gadhafi who after forcibly annexing the Auzon Strip from Chad,