‘Look, They Are Dying’: Video Appears to Show Massacre by Congolese Soldiers

NAIROBI, Kenya — The video opens with a squad of soldiers walking down a sandy, sunlit road toward a group of people who are chanting. Then the soldiers — who appear to be uniformed members of the national army of the Democratic Republic of Congo, accompanied by a heavy military truck — raise their weapons.

South Africa, a Nation With Sharp Inequality, Considers a Minimum Wage

KHAYELITSHA, South Africa — He works in AIDS prevention and his wife gets the occasional gig at a local supermarket. But neither job is regular enough for a “proper home,” Zwai Lugogo says, so his family lives in a shack here in Cape Town’s largest black township, making do with thin walls of painted metal.

Kenyan Court Blocks Plan to Close Dadaab Refugee Camp

More than a quarter of a million Somali refugees got a huge break on Thursday. A Kenyan judge ruled that the Kenyan government’s contentious plan to close Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, was “illegal” and “discriminatory,” and that the refugees could not be forcefully relocated.