Attack on Skripals Shows Russia Is ‘Reckless,’ U.K. Says

Attack on Skripals Shows Russia Is ‘Reckless,’ U.K. Says Photo A photograph of Yulia S. Skipal from her Facebook account. Credit via Associated Press LONDON — The nerve agent attack on two people in England “demonstrates how reckless Russia is prepared to be, how little the Kremlin cares for the international rules-based order,” one of Britain’s intelligence chiefs said on Thursday, in an unusually public and scathing commentary on a foreign power.
In his first speech after a year as director of the Government Communications Headquarters, the British equivalent of the National Security Agency, Jeremy Fleming said the threat from Russia had “never gone away,” but had become impossible to ignore after the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, cyberattacks on Ukranian infrastructure and other actions.
“They’re not playing to the same rules,” he said at a cybersecurity conference in Manchester, England. “They’re blurring the boundaries between criminal and state activity.”

Senators Had a Lot to Say About Facebook. That Hasn’t Stopped Them From Using It.

Senators Had a Lot to Say About Facebook. That Hasn’t Stopped Them From Using It. Photo From left, Senators Cory Gardner, Shelley Moore Capito and Todd Young listening to Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony at a congressional hearing on Tuesday. Credit Lawrence Jackson for The New York Times With respect to Facebook, United States senators don’t seem to be too different from many of us: They don’t necessarily trust it, but they’re not ready to quit it.
Even as the members of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary committees were questioning Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, during a nearly five-hour hearing on Tuesday, many of them were feeding content back into the site.
The most active, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, posted more than 20 times during Mr. Zuckerberg’s two days on Capitol Hill.
All 44 of the senators who questioned Mr. Zuckerberg on Tuesday have pages on the platform he built. At least 35 of them have two Facebook pages, with many using one page for official Senate communicat..

2 Days, 10 Hours, 600 Questions: What Happened When Mark Zuckerberg Went to Washington

2 Days, 10 Hours, 600 Questions: What Happened When Mark Zuckerberg Went to Washington


Zuckerberg’s Testimony, Explained

Senator John Kennedy told Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, that his company’s user agreement “sucks.” Our reporter Sheera Frenkel explains the senator’s questions, Mr. Zuckerberg’s answers and what they really mean.

By SHEERA FRENKEL and GRANT GOLD on Publish Date April 11, 2018.

Photo by Tom Brenner/The New York Times.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, endured a rite of passage this week that other powerful executives have gone through before: a public grilling before Congress.
Over two days, nearly 100 lawmakers in the House and Senate interrogated Mr. Zuckerberg about the company’s handling of user information. He faced almost 600 questions, including whether the company should be more heavily regulated, whether it intentionally censors conservative content and how much Russians may have meddled..

Independent coffee shops call for major chains to offer more sustainable cups

A group of independent coffee shops has called on major chains to offer more sustainable cups.
To mark the start of London Coffee Festival, nine companies have signed an open letter in which they described the need for coffee giants like Starbucks to lead the way in the fight against plastic waste.
The move comes after Waitrose announced it would phase out disposable coffee cups in stores by autumn, and new figures revealed that NHS trusts in England get through millions of cups every year.
Read more Starbucks: Bring in fully recyclable takeaway cups London shops including Timberyard Seven Dials, Chief Coffee and Stir have called on their major rivals to step up their game and help combat plastic pollution.
“As members of the coffee retail community, we want to tackle this crisis,” they wrote.
“Until the major players in our market invest in more sustainable solutions, there will be little systemic change.”
Ways to reduce your single-use plastic 6 show all Ways to reduce yo..

Fed Officials Have Concerns About Trade, March Meeting Minutes Show

Fed Officials Have Concerns About Trade, March Meeting Minutes Show Photo Jerome H. Powell, the Federal Reserve chairman. Minutes of the Fed’s March meeting, the first under Mr. Powell, showed officials raising concerns about a potential trade war. Credit Lyndon French for The New York Times WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Board policymakers raised concerns at their March meeting about the prospect of the United States heading into a global trade war, zeroing in on potential harm to American farmers such a clash would cause, according to minutes of the meeting released by the Fed on Wednesday.
The officials also expressed uncertainty about how newly enacted tax cuts would affect the economy, partly because the cuts are expected to exacerbate the swelling of federal budget deficits, and because some of the cuts are to expire in the years ahead. Policymakers also expressed unanimous, increased confidence in the strength of the country’s economic recovery, even accounting for trade and tax u..