Tests reveal substitute ingredients in supermarket own-brand pestos

Which? found pestos contained cheaper alternatives to the traditional ingredients, such as sugar and carrot fibre
Italian pesto sold by UK supermarkets contains substitute and often cheaper ingredients such as sunflower oil, carrot and even bamboo fibres, an investigation has found.
A test of 12 own-brand standard and premium pestos – all made in Italy – found a range of additions to the sauce's traditional four key ingredients of basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil.
Which? found all of the standard pestos were made with between 42 per cent and 49 per cent basil, but also contained cheaper alternatives to the traditional ingredients such as cashew nuts instead of pine nuts, or a mix of both.
Read more Mothercare sales drop even further as fewer people visit its stores Olive oil was also substituted with sunflower oil, and parmesan with less expensive Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano cheeses.
All of the standard pestos, apart from Waitrose's £1.35 version, used th..

Trilobites: Sea Turtles Use Magnetic Fields to Find Their Birthplace Beach

Sea Turtles Use Magnetic Fields to Find Their Birthplace Beach Photo Loggerhead turtles are known to use the earth’s magnetic fields to nest on Florida’s Gulf beaches within about 40 to 50 miles of where they were born decades earlier. Credit J. Roger Brothers/UNC-Chapel Hill Sea turtles use the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate back to the area where they were born decades earlier, according to a new study that used loggerhead genetics to investigate their travels.
After swimming for years in a giant loop from nesting grounds in North Carolina and Florida to North Africa, the turtles find their way back to nest on beaches within about 40 to 50 miles of where they were born. The new study suggests that the turtles learned their home beach’s distinctive magnetic signature, through what is called geomagnetic imprinting.
“This is vital information if you want to restore sea turtles to areas where they once lived before being hunted to extinction,” said Kenneth Lohmann, a professor at th..

The Saturday Profile: In Homogeneous Japan, an African-Born University President

In Homogeneous Japan, an African-Born University President Photo Oussouby Sacko, the new, Mali-born president of Kyoto Seika University, at his inauguration party this month. Credit Kosuke Okahara for The New York Times KYOTO, Japan — On a beautiful spring Sunday during cherry blossom season, the new president of Kyoto Seika University welcomed students for the start of the Japanese school year. “You have left your home,” he told the 770 first-year and graduate students gathered in a gym on the hilly campus. “But this is also your home.”
In Bamanankan — the lingua franca of his native Mali.
And so Oussouby Sacko, 51, quickly dispensed with the elephant in the room: He is a black man in a homogeneous country that has long had an ambivalent relationship with outsiders.
Dr. Sacko, who is believed to be the first African-born president of a Japanese university, segued elegantly into fluent Japanese, invoking Hannah Arendt, Edward Said, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Malian writer Amadou Hampâté..

‘Special Units’ in Russia Were Trained in Ways of Skripal Attack, U.K. Says

‘Special Units’ in Russia Were Trained in Ways of Skripal Attack, U.K. Says Photo The house in Salisbury, England, where Sergei V. Skripal lives. Agents say that the nerve agent with which he was poisoned was most likely applied to the home’s door handle. Credit Neil Hall/EPA, via Shutterstock Russia has been researching the application of chemical agents to door handles as a way to assassinate its enemies, and has been training personnel “from special units” to carry out such attacks, said Mark Sedwill, Britain’s national security adviser, on Friday in a letter to the secretary general of NATO.
Mr. Sedwill’s letter, the most detailed account of British intelligence on the subject to be shared with the public to date, also revealed that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was “closely involved in the chemical weapons program” beginning in the mid-2000s.
During that period, the letter claims, Russia was secretly developing the nerve agents known as Novichok that British officials say ..

Facebook Takes the Punches While Rest of Silicon Valley Ducks

Facebook Takes the Punches While Rest of Silicon Valley Ducks Photo Last year lawyers for Facebook, Twitter and Google appeared in Congress to answer questions about foreign meddling in the 2016 presidential election. But in the recent scandal over personal data, only Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ended up testifying. Credit Eric Thayer for The New York Times SAN FRANCISCO — Two pages of notes sitting in a binder in front of Mark Zuckerberg during his congressional testimony this week hinted at a message the Facebook chief executive rarely got a chance to deliver: We’re not the only ones.
Mr. Zuckerberg was prepared to say that his company accounts for just a slice of the $650 billion advertising market and that it has plenty of competitors. Google, for example, has an online advertising business more than twice the size of Facebook’s. And Google also collects vast amounts of information about the people who use its online services.
But as Facebook has taken it on the chin over the way it..

Heinz sparks international outrage with new 'mayochup' condiment

Company accused of 'cultural appropriation', ;gentrifying' and 'colonising' beloved dressing
It all started with a tweet about a condiment.
Heinz, the popular ketchup brand, took to Twitter with a poll about a potential product launch, a concept they billed as novel to American consumers: a pre-made combination of mayonnaise and ketchup.
They called it “mayochup”.
“Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for ‘yes’ and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans,” the company tweeted.
While the product is already available in some countries in the Middle East, Heinz said it wanted to know if Americans would be receptive to a “US debut”.
Read more Heinz creates ‘chocolate mayonnaise’ in time for Easter The votes poured forth, totalling more than 680,000 by Friday morning. And so did the headlines: “’Mayochup’ is the hybrid condiment you never knew you wanted,” Business Insider wrote, adding “this beige-coloured condiment isn’t a prank.”
NBC’s Today wrote ..