Trilobites: How Do You Count Endangered Species? Look to the Stars

How Do You Count Endangered Species? Look to the Stars
The conversation started over a fence dividing two backyards. On one side, an ecologist remarked that surveying animals is a pain. His neighbor, an astronomer, said he could see objects in space billions of light years away.
And so began an unusual partnership to adapt tools originally developed to detect stars in the sky to monitor animals on the ground.
The neighbors, Steven Longmore, the astronomer, and Serge Wich, the ecologist, both of Liverpool John Moores University in England, made their backyard banter a reality that may contribute to conservation and the fight against poaching.
The scientists developed a system of drones and special cameras that can record rare and endangered species on the ground, day or night. Computer-vision and machine-learning techniques that help researchers study the universe’s oldest and most distant galaxies can now be used to find animals in video footage.


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Vodafone beats O2, EE and Three to take biggest share of 5G spectrum

Rival O2 took all the 4G spectrum up for auction
Ofcom has raised £1.36bn from its auction of mobile airwaves for 4G and future 5G services, the regulator announced on Wednesday.
The communications watchdog auctioned off airwaves in two frequency bands: 2.3 GHz (gigahertz), usable by current mobile phones for 4G service, and 3.4 GHz, which is one for the bands earmarked for 5G service in the future.
Vodafone had the biggest win, taking 50 MHz (megahertz) of 5G spectrum, paying £378.2m for its share.
Read more Everything you need to know about 5G EE won 40 MHz of 5G spectrum at a cost of £302.6m, and Hutchison, owner of the Three network, took 20 MHz of 5G, costing £151.3m.
Meanwhile, Telefonica, which owns O2, won all 40 MHz of 2.3 GHz spectrum, used for 4G, at a cost of £205.9m. The Spanish group also paid £317.7m for 40MHz of 5G spectrum.
The total £1.36bn raised will be paid to the Treasury.
Airspan Spectrum Holdings, which is backed by Japan’s SoftBank, also took part..

UK car registrations fall for 12th consecutive month as demand for diesel plummets

New registrations for petrol cars remained steady
The number of new cars registered in the UK dropped in March for a twelfth consecutive month, according to new figures from the industry’s main trade body.
According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 474,069 new cars were registered last month, representing a 15 per cent decline compared to the same period in 2017.
The SMMT said it saw the biggest number of new car registrations ever recorded in the UK in March 2017 as customers looked to buy vehicles before changes to car tax rates, or Vehicle Excise Duty, introduced last April.
Read more Plastic-backed fridges must be removed from sale, says Which? Demand for diesel cars plummeted the most, with a 37.2 per cent drop in new diesel cars compared to the same period in 2017. New registrations for petrol cars remained steady, with a rise of 0.5 per cent.
The SMMT said it was concerned by the drop in demand for diesel cars and warned that vehicle tax changes ..

World's largest miner BHP Billiton quits global coal lobby group

The miner came under pressure last year to leave any associations with policies that fail to match the company’s support of the 2015 Paris climate accord
Global miner BHP Billiton said on Thursday it had made a final decision to leave the World Coal Association (WCA) over differences on climate change but would remain a member of the US Chamber of Commerce.
BHP has largely quit mining coal for power plants, but is the world’s largest exporter of coal for steel-making. It said in December it had taken a preliminary decision to withdraw from the WCA, pending a full review.
The miner came under pressure from Australian green groups last year to leave any industry associations with policies that fail to match the company’s support of the 2015 Paris climate accord.
Read more Microplastics found in fertilisers being applied to farmland “In light of the material difference identified by the review and the narrow range of activities of benefit to BHP from membership, BHP has reached a f..

Gender pay gap latest: 1,500 firms fail to meet midnight deadline for reporting pay data

Employers who failed to report before the deadline could face legal action, the ECHR has said
Around 1,500 organisations failed to report their gender pay gap data by the deadline of midnight on Wednesday, 4 April, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR).
With 10,015 meeting the deadline, firms continued to publish data on Thursday, and 10 more had reported by 8am.
There was a late surge in organisations reporting on deadline day, with more than 15 per cent filing their pay gap reports between Tuesday at 4pm and the cut-off point.
Read more To truly tackle the gender pay gap the Tories need to do much more ECHR boss Rebecca Hilsenrath said the group was pleased with the rate of reporting. However, she added: “It’s the law, it’s not an option.”
Early analysis shows that 78 per cent of firms reported that they pay men more than women, while 8 per cent reported no median gap and 14 per cent reported a gap that favours women.
On Wednesday, the equalities mi..