‘Roseanne’ Mania Cools Slightly in Show’s Second Week

Supported by Media ‘Roseanne’ Mania Cools Slightly in Show’s Second Week Photo From left, Whitney Cummings, the executive producer of “Roseanne,” at the series premiere with cast members Michael Fishman, John Goodman, Jayden Rey, Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert, Sarah Chalke and Emma Kenney. Credit Valerie Macon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images “Roseanne” mania has cooled slightly, but the ratings numbers for the show’s second night suggest that it is indeed a bona fide hit for ABC.
The first two episodes of the revived sitcom, which aired back-to-back on March 27, scored huge ratings, surprising television executives and making the case that traditional networks are not about to cede their audiences to Netflix and other streaming services.
In its return on Tuesday, the show notched 15.1 million viewers, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen, a sturdy performance after last week’s blockbuster debut. The numbers were expected to increase once delayed viewing is factored in l..

The Latest on the U.S.-China Trade Conflict: Exchanging Tariffs

Supported by Business Day The Latest on the U.S.-China Trade Conflict: Exchanging Tariffs Photo Loading imported soybeans at a port in the Chinese city of Nantong. China struck back Wednesday at American tariffs placed on its goods with tariffs of its own. Credit CHINATOPIX, via Associated Press It looks a lot like a trade war.
The Trump administration took a direct hit at China on Tuesday for its trade practices, detailing more than 1,300 imported goods from the country that would face a 25 percent tariff. About $50 billion worth of imported Chinese goods will be subject to tariffs, including flat-screen televisions, medical devices and aircraft parts.
China then struck back at the United States with its own tariffs, also worth $50 billion. Those tariffs, on 106 types of American goods, take direct aim at the farm belt and manufacturing hubs, both big bases for President Trump.
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The Trump administration ..