With one year to go until Brexit day, small businesses still have big concerns over Brexit

It’s vital that David Davis makes good on delivery of unprecedented access to it for a non-EU country
“There is a risk,” the Brexit secretary told BBC journalist Andrew Marr last Sunday, “in trying to focus just on the downsides.” He went on to say that the new free-trade deal between the UK and EU will be “the most comprehensive ever”.
David Davis is not the only one feeling a measure of optimism as the 12-month countdown to Brexit day on 29 March 2019 begins. Our latest small business confidence index returned to positive territory this quarter after a steady decline last year. Continued progress on Brexit talks will be key to ensuring this upward trend continues in the months ahead.
A transition period lasting until the end of 2020 is a key ask for small firms and it’s been a relief to see a real commitment to avoiding a cliff-edge moment in recent days. Having some certainty about what the regulatory landscape will look like immediately after our withdrawal makes it much easier..