Economic Scene: How to Make America Greater: More Immigration

President Trump will make America smaller. He may not be thinking in these terms. But as he barrels ahead with his promise to restrict immigration — barring people from some Muslim-majority countries, limiting work visas, expelling millions who are here illegally — the president might want to ponder how this fits the theme of making America “great again.

$11k in 11hrs: Chelsea Manning GoFundMe page thriving ahead of whistleblower’s release

Manning was convicted under the Espionage Act in 2013 after leaking hundreds of thousands of classified US government documents to WikiLeaks. She was originally due to be released in 2045, but her 35-year sentence was commuted by former US President Barack Obama last month during his final days in office.

Turkish army and Syrian rebels close in on Islamic State town

ANKARA/BEIRUT Syrian rebels supported by Turkish armed forces have seized control of strategically important hills around the Islamic State-controlled town of al-Bab, Turkey’s military said on Wednesday. It said in a statement that 58 Islamic State militants were killed in air strikes, artillery fire and clashes.