Gazing Into Danakil Depression’s Mirror, and Seeing Mars Stare Back

DANAKIL DEPRESSION, Ethiopia — In oppressively dry heat and a miasma of sulfur and chlorine, the rocky landscape sprouts patches of neon green and yellow that resemble oozing scrambled eggs. Near-boiling pools of acidic water bubble between odd formations of rocks and minerals: white beehive-shaped mounds of salt, yolk-colored lattices of sulfuric crust, purplish-red crumbles.

Kremlin says Kiev undermined peace deal with east Ukraine fighting

MOSCOW The Kremlin on Tuesday accused Ukrainian-backed forces of undermining a peace deal over eastern Ukraine by launching an attack there on pro-Russian rebels the previous day. On a conference call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia was extremely concerned by the incident, which he said undermined efforts to implement the Minsk peace…