Series 9: Lord Sir Frederick Lugard & Royal Niger Company “the creator of Nigeria”

Selected Correspondence: The Royal Niger Company GEORGE TAUBMAN GOLDIE AND FREDERICK  LUGARD 8th Issued to the Hausas who were quite contented, and chaff and laughter prevailed, not a trace of sulkiness. Then the Yorubas were called, and told that the cloth was for 5 days-they had lost yesterday’s ration by refusing. They replied that they wanted a regular fixed ration to last for so many days-a head of

Boko Haram occupies Adamawa …Hoists flag in border communities

By DAVID MOLOMO, YOLAHeavily armed terrorists over­ran Adamawa border com­munities in Madagali Local Government Area yesterday.Witnesses and local officials con­firmed yesterday that the insurgents sacked residents and hoisted their black and white flag.The attack came barely 48 hours after suspected members of Boko Ha­ram sect dislodged the National Police Mobile Training Camp in Limankara village…