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Obiano, Anambra Gov. Elect Moans Over Peter Obi’s Excessive Spending, as Over N1tr is Unaccounted.

The honeymoon between the Governor Peter Obi the Governor-elect of Anambra State, Mr. Willie Obiano have may have come to an end as the later has began to grumble over the recklessness of his political god father, 247ureports is reporting.According to the report, the relationship between the two men began to soil during the later stages of the gubernatorial campaign leading up to the November 16, 2013 in Anambra State.Specifically, the report relying on several sources in Abuja and Awka, the state capital points to a minor fracas which developed during the campaign thump in Anambra as the main reason for the drift between the two men.The source it says stated that Mr. Willie Obiano was not happy with the handling of the gubernatorial campaign by the team put together by Governor Peter Obi – in that he was not given the opportunity to participate in the decision making during the same campaign.The source cited an incident that occurred near the Governor’s Lounge in Amawbia, Anambra State – at a hotel by name Trigpoint located next to the Governor’s Lounge – where the then candidate Willie Obiano convened a meeting with some of the leaders of youth organizations in Anambra State. While seated at the meeting, the then candidate who was about to begin the meeting after the exchange of pleasantries – was interrupted by the bold entrance of three well-dressed young men. The three young men entered the closed door meeting and took seats – as if they were part of the meeting. After candidate Willie Obiano waited for the three young men to introduce themselves, he realized the young men were not readily going to introduce themselves – he asked them to please introduce themselves – and why they appear to insist on being a part of the meeting.The three young men rose and responded that they were sent by Nwaobualor – the uncle to the outgoing Governor, Mr. Peter Obi to join the group – that they have been cleared by Nwaobualor. Candidate Willie Obiano reaction was impulsive and in anger. He angrily asked the three youngsters whether Nwaobualor was running his campaign or whether Nwaobualor was the candidate. With this, Obiano asked the three youngsters to leave the room. The three young men obeyed and left.Minutes after the youths departed the meeting venue, candidate Willie Obiano received a telephone call. As he answered the call, it began apparent from his reaction to the call that the call had to do with the three young men. The telephone quickly turned into a cautious shouting match. Willie Obiano rose with the telephone – excused himself into another room – where he spent about 20minutes on the telephone before coming out to continue with the meeting. As he returned to the meeting, his mood was dimmed. The meeting was then postponed unceremoniously.The report said Willie Obiano made a conscious decision to maintain a cordial relationship with the Peter Obi campaign team, but was particularly not happy with Victor Umeh’s overbearing presence throughout the campaign trail. Obiano was not pleased with the management and allocation of resources. “Disbursement of campaign funds were managed by Peter Obi associates, Obiano did not have a say in how the monies were disbursed”, said the source.With the continued disbursement of funds to organizations around the State by the outgoing Governor in tandem with the recent conduct of the local government area [LGA] election, the Governor-elect is reported relapse into his tucked away anger against Peter Obi’s excesses. Our source indicated that Obiano was not pleased by the combined action of Peter Obi of expending the resources of the State and the conduct of LGA election at the eve of his exit.-Below is a presentation of the monies received by the State of Anambra from the federal government through the federally allocated funds during the period covering 2006 to 2013 when Governor Peter


Borrowed Status: Nigeria without oil thefts, what of Nigeria without oil at all?

It is obvious the Nigerian economy is in a precarious situation.  Is it anything new? Even oil theft, and the unclear accounts of oil  receipts, coupled with corruption that are speedily draining resources  available to governments, are not new. Nigerians do not need a warning from outsiders to know that an  economy founded on one product, the proceeds of which are wantonly  stolen, is doomed. Years of contemplating what to do with the economy  has not thrown up solutions that governments are willing to implement.  Every government’s interest is limited to resources it immediately needs  for its projects, most of which are short-term. A May 2013 World Bank’s Nigeria Economic Report noted that, “Despite  the recovery in oil prices, Nigeria expanded its fiscal stimulus  significantly, increasing consolidated spending by an estimated 2.5 per  cent of Gross Domestic Product, GDP, and drawing down the remaining  balance of the Excess Crude Account at the same time that many other oil  exporters were building back their reserves.” Nigerians see it differently. While the World Bank worries about  Nigeria’s ability to meet its international obligations, Nigerians are  bothered that their country has no plans to create an economy away from  oil. All the talks about diversifying the economy, some dating more than  40 years, have remained talks, recycled the same way they recycle  politicians for appointments, some dating almost that far back. The saddest aspect of the patch Nigeria is passing through is that  once oil revenues climb to levels that can fund budgets, managers of the  economy would happily return to their spending sprees. Oil accounting for 95 per cent of exports and 75 per cent of  consolidated budgetary revenues in Nigeria, is a bigger danger than the  volatility of oil prices and thieves who are exploiting weaknesses in  the oil production chain. The end of oil theft, which some see as the elixir to the economy,  misses the point again about the importance of the future. Stable oil  prices serve the West’s interests. A stable Nigerian economy, with a  broad manufacturing base to serve Nigerians would not benefit from the  West’s help, which wants Nigeria to be a net importer.

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River’s crisis: Lawmakers give Jonathan two weeks to sack IG, Mbu.

                                                                         The House of Representatives yesterday issued a two-week ultimatum  to President Goodluck Jonathan to sack the Inspector- General of  Police, Muhammed Abubakar, and the controversial Commissioner of Police  in Rivers State, Mr. Matthew Mbu. The House took the decision during a session after unanimously  adopting a motion by Hon. Aliyu Madaki (APC-Kano). Madaki, who raised  his motion under Matters of Urgent National Importance, asked the House  to issue a two-week ultimatum to the President to sack the police chief  and his commissioner. He said with the alleged growing impunity of the commissioner and the  curious silence of the IG, it was clear that they were taking sides  with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, against the government of Rivers  State headed by Rotimi Amaechi. The Speaker of the House, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, took a swipe at the  Presidency for the state of insecurity in the country, insisting it must  be addressed. He said: “Recent developments in some parts of the country concerning  civil liberties and the safety of lives and properties of citizens are a  matter for serious concern. “The two incidences in Rivers State, the one in Ogun and the other in  Borno, bear all the trappings of impunity which must be eschewed at all  cost if we hope to continue to deepen our democracy. “On the part of government, it is imperative to be constantly  reminded that the security and welfare of the people is the primary  purpose of government. Accordingly, governance must be subject to the strict observance of  the Rule of Law and good conscience, therefore civility rather than  impunity should be our guide at all times and in all situations. “The incidences in question exhibit an unacceptable level of either  failure of government or abdication of responsibility neither of which  should be encouraged in our polity. “The situation in Rivers State is lamentable because the joint  resolutions of the Senate and House of Representatives aimed at dousing  the tensed political atmosphere have been ignored and today we are  having a situation of gradual relapse into anarchy. “On the part of politicians, I urge that we avoid recourse to  unlawful and violent means of projecting our political interest and  ambitions, rather let us adopt peaceful advocacy and networking. It has  worked in other jurisdictions and it can work here if we give it a  chance,” he said. In a related development, Senator Magnus Abe has condemned the spate  of politically-motivated violence rocking Rivers State in the recent  past. He spoke from his sick bed in a London hospital where he had been  recuperating since he was allegedly shot with a rubber bullet by the  police about two weeks ago in Port Harcourt. In a statement yesterday through his Special Aide on Media, Honour  Sirawo, Abe expressed gratitude to friends, well meaning individuals,  groups and Nigerians for their prayers, phone calls, solidarity messages  and support during his trying period. He, however, condemned last Sunday’s attack on the supporters of  Governor Rotimi Amaechi at Bori, laying the blame on the door steps of  the Federal Government. Abe lamented that rather than implementing the United Nations  Environmental Programme report on Ogoniland, the Federal Government had  chosen to arm youths with guns worth millions of naira to maim and kill  fellow human beings. Abe warned against the dubious double-edged capability of deadly weapons being supplied to thugs to harm others. “Every gun has a lifespan of over 100 years. As today’s friends may  become opponents tomorrow, the guns will also change hands; but they  will still remain lethal, even against their present owners,” he said.

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Don’t Count Your Chicks Before They Hatch, wait for it: Nigeria would’ve disintegrated without Jonathan – Senator Adeyemi.

VANGUARD – Senator Smart Adeyemi, was a former president of the Nigerian Union  of Journalists, NUJ before his entry into the political arena. Senator  Adeyemi who represents Kogi West Senatorial District is also the  vice-chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, NSF.In this interview on the fringes of an empowerment programme for  constituents, he talks about his people, his passions and his politics.  Excerpts:BY BOLUWAJI OBAHOPODoes being a journalist put a burden on you in the political arena?Of course it is a burden because people will always remind me to say  ‘you are the people criticising’ and so I must make the difference. All  that I am trying to do is to make the difference in the lives of the  people and to justify the fact that I am coming from a background that  criticize bad governance, which should be a strength to me.I am always conscious of what the people will say about my  representation on the floor of the National Assembly. I must strive to  do beyond the ordinary, so that my colleagues in this profession can be  proud of the fact that they have an ambassador at the National Assembly.What is the content of the empowerment materials that you are giving out?I came from the US with about seven container loads of medical  equipment. There are twenty-two ambulances that I paid for, not  donation. Each of them cost me over 450, 000 thousand Naira to clear it  from the port. I never allowed them to be driven here, I hired trucks to  carry them and I paid one hundred and eighty thousand Naira to get each  of them here, each of them cost me fifteen thousand dollar, excluding  the cost of freight.I have all other kinds of medical equipment that I brought from  overseas. I have spent over seven hundred Dollars on empowerment  interventions.Presently, I am constructing four cottage hospitals in place like Odo  Iri where I am doing a thirty bed hospital. In Igbaruku, I demolished  the cottage hospital there, which the Sardauna built in 1962.I got there and I shed tears because that is still the only building  that they call their hospital. I just demolish it. I am roofing the new  building now as I am speaking to you. That is twenty five-bed hospital,  in Igbagu, I am constructing a 15 bed hospital there. In Ogale, I am  doing, a ten bed hospital there.All these equipment are meant to be shared not only to these  hospitals but also to other hospitals in the state. I have about four  hundred hospital beds and mattresses. I have stretchers, wheel chairs,  surgical equipment. It might interest you to note that I’m donating two  of the ambulances to Central and East senatorial districts.Business interestI am equally donating to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital  because this district used to be part of Old Kwara State. As I speak to  you, we still have hundreds of thousands indigenes of Kogi West living  in Kwara State. More importantly, my wife is from Kwara State, I also  have substantial amount of business interests in Kwara State. So, we  have to let them know that Kwara is home to us.Do you have a governorship ambition?No! All I am doing is to complement their (state government’s) efforts,  there are other people who can do that (become governor). What I am  doing now is to let the people see what you mean when you say that you  are representing them.Could this be the reason why some of your people are urging you to go back to the senate for the third time?You see, as a Christian, I always believe in the saying that what happens tomorrow is in the hands of God.If human or government power or machinery is what is required to win an  election and is capable of stopping somebody, I should not have been a  senator today but when I was fighting the former administration people  asked if I could return to the senate and I said my second term was in  the hands of God.My take is to tell the people to allow me do this job well so that my  conscience will be clear that I have served like Baba Awolowo served,  like Ahmadu Belloe served. Those are the people I see as role models.You have a lot of confidence in the Jonathan administration. Why?Tell me the government that has ever ruled this country that has had the  challenges of administration more than Goodluck. Tell me the government  in Nigeria that has faced worse social disorder in any nation than  Goodluck Jonathan.Challenge of terrorism


May 30, 2014: Worldwide demonstration by the Indigenous People of Biafra

May 30, 2014: Worldwide demonstration by the Indigenous People of Biafra to commemorate the genocide against Biafrans during Nigeria-Biafra war and the current state-sponsored genocide against Biafrans in the illegal Nigeria The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) cordially invite all Biafrans, friends of Biafra and sympathisers to her maiden worldwide demonstration in commemoration of the souls of those who died during the genocide perpetrated by Nigeria prior, during, and after


PDP accuses Governor Okorocha of importing Boko Haram terrorists into Imo State

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday in Owerri, the Imo State capital sent shivers to the public when it alerted Nigerians of the infiltration of the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic sect into the State. The party, linking the infiltration of the Islamic fundamentalists to the state government, claimed that three truck loads of over 300 young men mostly dressed in Northern apparels, disembarked at the premises of the Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies (ICAPS), Egbu Road on Wednesday January 15 about 4 pm. Addressing newsmen yesterday at the party secretariat along Okigwe Road, Owerri, the PDP State Secretary Sir George Uzoma Eguh disclosed that “the party has irrefutable facts to believe that these young men who confessed to being all Muslims and from the Northern States of Kano, Katsina and Kaduna are guests of


Anti-Amaechi protesters shut Port Harcourt down

Hundreds of protesters from the four-Ikwerre speaking council areas of Rivers State, on Tuesday, took over the busy Port Harcourt-Aba Road in Port Harcourt, expressing solidarity for the state Commissioner of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu.ADVERTISEMENT They disrupted traffic flow on the road and caused panic in surrounding areas. Following the protest, the Rivers State government has accused those it described as Federal Government agents as the sponsors of the protest, adding that the state had been subjected to war by the Federal Government. The protesters, under the aegis of Ikwerre Peoples Assembly (IPA), took over the GRA Junction point of the highway, vowing to shut public and multinational facilities down should the commissioner of police be transferred out of the state.


President Jonathan is trying to please the Northerner ahead of 2015 election, by appoints 12 new ministers names and states of origin

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan, on Tuesday, sent two letters to the Senate, seeking its confirmation of 12 ministerial nominees, as well as the consideration and approval of the newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff and three other service chiefs.ADVERTISEMENT Senate President, David Mark, read out the list of the ministerial nominees, as contained in a letter dated January 20, 2014, but which he received from Jonathan shortly before the commencement of plenary session. Those on the list included Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (Lagos); Aminu Wali and Hadjia Jamila Salik (Kano); Mrs Lawrencia Laraba Mallam (Kaduna); Mrs Akon Etim Eyakenyi (Akwa Ibom); Honourable Mohammed Wakil (Borno); and Abdul Jelili Oyewale Adesiyan (Osun).