Shell To Sell $2bn Assets In Niger Delta Over Oil Theft, Fall In Profits

Royal Dutch Shell is to start the sale of $2 billion oil and gas assets in the Niger Delta in 2014 after weak refining margins and crude oil theft in Nigeria forced the profits of Europe’s largest oil company to tumble.The $2 billion Niger Delta assets, according to JP Morgan, is part of the $30…


Former FCT Minister, .nAbba-Gana proposes how to move Nigeria forward exactly 5 days to the expiration of the Zoo

All over the world countries make constitutions, rules, regulations and social and economic policies which reflect and accommodate their history, well known peculiarities and social, economic, religious and ethnic diversities. That is how the much desired unity in diversity can be achieved or realized – by having sensible rules and realistic fundamental laws for our meaningful existence on our God given, full of resources territory called or named Nigeria.There is the saying that nothing human is so good that it cannot be improved upon. Therefore, there is always room for some improvement in any human affair. The fact previous efforts at National Constitutional Conferences and Political Reforms have not met our great expectations does not mean that we cannot make Nigeria to work much better for the greater good of all Nigerians.  Definitely, and God willing, we can make our country better and greater.  It is possible.Now, President Goodluck Jonathan has given all Nigerians another golden opportunity to make Nigeria much better and more efficient by setting up the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue/Conference. I believe Borno people, like majority of other Nigerians welcome this action of Mr. President.This can be the roadmap to the realization or achievement of all our lofty and highly desirable National Objectives.As the inspiring example of President Abraham Lincoln of USA, shows, failures in the past cannot prevent success in the future.  It was said that Abraham Lincoln failed in 31 endeavours, in business, politics and marriage, but finally won election to become one of the best and greatest American Presidents.  He abolished slavery, fought and defeated the Southern States over their slavery policy and prevented them from leaving the union and laid the foundation of the United States of America, which has now become the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.  So, current political leaders of Nigeria should do to Nigeria what Abraham Lincoln did to the United States of America. It is a matter of choice and political will.In the circumstances we have now found ourselves, it is necessary for the President to avoid all legal obstacles. As a result he has to prepare in good time and send a Bill to the National Assembly to give legal backing to the proposed National Dialogue/Conference and how and which agency should implement the outcome of the Dialogue/Conference should be contained in the Bill.  It may even be necessary to amend certain sections of the current constitution, before the take off the dialogue slated to begin in February, 2014.It is pertinent to point out at this juncture that with Executives and Legislatures functioning properly and constitutionally at both the Federal and States levels, any call or wish for Sovereign National Conference is a deliberate call for chaos and may be a clever way to disarm an dis-possess the ruling party. On the structure of the conference, it is a matter of common sense that National dialogue/Conference of this nature is better managed, guided and supervised by seasoned administrators of justice.  Therefore I would like to recommend the 1994/1995 Constitutional Conference model to this Advisory Committee.


God, and not man, installed me a gov after 306 day of fasting and praying – Gov Amaechi

Rivers State Governor and Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum has said God, and not man, installed him as the state governor because he fasted and prayed for 306 days (10 months) before he became the governor.Amaechi also critisized the increasing level of insecurity in the Federal Government. He stated that rather than chase criminals away from


FG sponsors crude oil theft – Tambuwal

Crude oil thieves are being sponsored by the Federal Government, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has said, insisting that the crime is not being perpetrated by ordinary criminals, but by those who enjoy the backing of government.Tambuwal, said this at the inauguration of the House Ad-hoc Committee on Crude Oil Theft in Nigeria in Abuja, noting that the only way to fight the crime is for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest and prosecute suspected crude  oil thieves in the country.He said the House would ensure that law enforcement agencies were well equipped to carry out investigation of those engaged in the illicit business.“This House must use its influence to ensure that the law enforcement agencies approach their investigation of the criminals engaged in oil field theft from a more sophisticated angle.“We need to put in place the right kind of legislation to improve the monitoring of on-shore and off-shore areas in order to discourage vandalism.“We need to establish a robust regulatory framework to plug all loopholes through which all sorts of official and unofficial corruption thrive in the oil sector,” he said.He said that oil theft had reached a level that required the assistance of every Nigerian to check the dangerous trend.“Oil theft in our country has now reached an industrial scale, we need the concerted efforts of all stakeholders who must be invited and heard at a scheduled 5-day public hearing.“There is also no doubt that we must try, as much as possible, to pass the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), as soon as possible,” he said.He urged members of the committee to scrutinise the report by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which alleged that Nigeria’s oil was being stolen not just from pipelines, but also from tank farms and export terminals.The Chairman of the committee, Bashir Adamu (PDP-Jigawa) said illegal bunkering costs Nigeria an estimated N780 billion annually.Mr. Adamu said unless government summoned the courage to fight the menace, the situation would further worsen the country’s economic woes.The legislator explained that the rising level of crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism, particularly in the Niger Delta region, had assumed higher dimensions.He said that the ugly development had made operations in the oil and gas Industry one of the most expensive in the world.“Attacks on production facilities have led to several shut-downs and declaration of force majeure by the international oil companies (lOCs), ultimately resulting in loss of revenue to the government,” he


Zoological criminal’s melodrama, Al-Mustapha challenges Obj to public debate

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer to late Head-of-State, Gen. Sani Abacha, has challenged ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, to a public debate on any issue concerning Nigeria.Al-Mustapha threw the challenge in an interview with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America, monitored in Abuja, on Wednesday.The former CSO was reacting to news reports about portions of a letter written by Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan, alleging that snipers were being trained in North Korea.He explained that he was not around when Obasanjo’s letter became public, but read about it in the media.The military officer said ex-President Obasanjo knows that he knows Nigeria as much as he (Obasanjo) knows the country. As such, he was ready to face the former President anywhere in the world to discuss Nigeria.Al-Mustapha said “first of all, he (Obasanjo) did not mention me by name in his letter. Secondly, he knows that “I know Nigeria as much as he does, if he has something to tell me, I want him to come out and tell me straight.“He should ask me or challenge me, I challenge him to (discuss) anything about Nigeria that he wants to talk about even long before he became Head-of-State (1976-1979), I am ready to meet him in public anywhere in the world”.Responding to a specific question on allegations that he was privy to the on-going training of snipers, Al-Mustapha swore that there was nothing of the sort.The former CSO said he is a Muslim and has over the years facilitated the recruitment of northerners


Jonathan once again addressed Obasanjo in the Church, says ex-president doesn’t own Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan has again hit back at former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying he and his like do not own Nigeria, reiterating that Nigeria does not belong to any politician or group of politicians.In his remarks at Christmas Day service held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp, Abuja, the president, who was obviously unhappy over Obasanjo’s 18-page letter accusing his administration of corruption, promoting ethnicity and engaging in anti-party activity among others, said those beating the drums of war should take a look at crisis bedeviling countries like Syria, Egypt, South Sudan, DR Congo, Pakistan and the like and see the effect of war and terrorism.While thanking the clergy men for their constant prayers, which, he said, has so far helped to save Nigeria from plunging into war, urged them not to relent. He stated that despite the numerous challenges his administration was forging ahead and striving to deliver what Nigerians duly deserve.Re-echoing the message of Primate of the Anglican Communion, Nicolas Okoh, Jonathan said even in time of peace, neigbouring countries surrounding Nigeria were already uncomfortable with the number of Nigerians in their territory, saying that if not for diplomacy, a lot of them would have sent them packing.He therefore, called on Nigerians to cherish the peace they are currently enjoying and not to do anything to rock the boat.President Jonathan said: “For us at this time, especially we the politicians that think we own this country, we begin to think about next elections and doing what we ought not to do, making statement we ought not to make, writing letters we are supposed not to write.“I call on clergymen and statesmen, who really own this country because this country belongs to our statesmen, traditional rulers, religious leaders, our men, our women, our youth. Nigeria does not belong to any politician or group of politicians. So we continue to urge to pray for this country.“The primate mentioned a number of nations that deals with crisis.  For those who know about terrorism, countries that are infested with terror will hardly get out of it. If you look at a country like Pakistan, we even go to Pakistan to train our soldiers. In some parts of Pakistan, as we are talking now, there appears to be no government. So this country could have been worst.“Look at the incidences in Abuja, even the police headquarters was boomed, the UN building right here, in the seat of government, was boomed, maybe the next target would have been the State House.“So we have to thank God that we have been able to bring it to a reasonable level, though we are far from getting there. There are a lot of challenges but we have to thank God.


NLC berates FG over dependence on oil

Vice President, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Issa Aremu, has said it is saddening that 53 years after Nigeria’s independence, the country still relied on oil as the mainstay of its economy.Aremu, who made the statement at a press conference yesterday, said it was high time the country diversified into sectors such as automobile, food and…