Biafra vs Nigeria court ruling update from Owerri Federal High Court 25th June 2013

By Matthew MbanajaThe much expected ruling by the trial judge today at the federal high court Owerri, by Hon. Justice S.M.Shaub is hinged on two pre-suit cases emanating from the Biafran trial bundleFirst is the Technical omission on the case, using Bilie Human Rights Initiative as against “incorporated trustees of” Bilie as a juristic person, since Bilie is a name and not a person in law and on that ground, the trial judge knocked out the case without dismissal, while advising our lead council to quickly make the necessary amendment and return to court.The second objection raised by the defendant’s council earlier was the issue of whether the court has the competence to try a case of the magnitude of self-determination as litigated by Biafra.

obama statement

USA Obama won’t visit Nigeria

 The United States on Tuesday hinted on the reasons why President Barack Obama won’t visit Nigeria during his upcoming three-nation trip to Africa.According to US officials, the ongoing insecurity appeared to be responsible for the exclusion of Nigeria in Obama’s second visit to the continent.Obama is scheduled to visit Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.


Service chiefs demand more funds to fight Boko Haram

Service chiefs on Tuesday called for increased funding of the armed forces and other security agencies amid the security challenges in the country.They had met behind closed doors with members of the House of Representatives, where they reviewed the emergency rule declared in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states by President Goodluck Jonathan 40 days ago.


Nigeria Presidency Oil discovery in US is not a threat to Nigeria

The Presidency yesterday said Nigeria would not feel the impact of the recent discovery of oil in commercial quantity by the United States.It said the Federal Government was rather adopting appropriate strategies to mitigate the impact of the decline in the purchase of Nigeria’s oil by America, with increased volume of term of contracts with Asian refineries.