Maman Dan Musa

We (NORTH) Saved the Niger-Delta People from Biafra-Alhaji Mamman Dan-Musa

How Northern Nigerian Politicians have contiunued to lie to this day about the Biafran war of liberation…Will Niger Delta People allow themselves to be deceived yet again? They in Niger Delta would have been completely eliminated if not for us…Alhaji Mamman Abubakar Danmusa (FORMER DEPUTY SENATE PRESIDENT)

Igboland Desolate

Editorial 16 May 2013

The stupidity of IGBO COMMUNITY COLLEGE, LOKOJA – KOGI STATE There are many cogent and practical reasons for the opposition to “foreign” enterprises by the Igbo. Here are the more potent reasons:

Hausa British Alliance Diplomacy

British Government siding with Northern Nigeria again-divert 60% of development assistance for Nigeria to North

Written by Christian Okeke -Abuja The decision of the government to give majority of her assistance to the north was confirmed by the British Government Minister for International Development, Lynne Featherstone who visited Kano State on Wednesday