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Let my people go as Jihadists continues the Ethnic cleansing of Igbo People from Northern Nigeria

“We want to stress that in our struggle, we only kill Nigerian Government functionaries, security agents, Christians and anyone who pretends to be a Muslim”…Boko Haram For the second year running the blood of innocent women, children and men of South Eastern Nigeria origin have been sacrificed at the altar of One Nigeria by Hausa/Fulani Islamic bigots. The ritual slaughter or throat slitting of Christians especially Igbo traders in their places of worship in Northern Nigeria is significant because it is a clear and unequivocal statement that Igbos are not wanted in other parts of Nigeria. More shocking is the way human beings are routinely slaughtered like ram which in Islamic psyche symbolises the ritual offering of blood of a living animal to Allah. Igbo men, women and children are being killed in exactly the same way Muslims kill their ram and ox during Eid or Salah festivals.

Bodija Market

Tension in Ibadan market over alleged Boko Haram killings of Yoruba Traders

Jide Jegede Published May 7, 2013 Three Yoruba traders from the biggest market in Ibadan were shot dead in Hausa/Fulani Islamic controlled Northern Nigeria where they went for business. There was palpable tension at the popular Bodija Market, Ibadan on Tuesday as the traders protested the alleged killing of four of their colleagues by Boko Haram insurgents in Maiduguri, Borno State on Sunday.The victims, identified simply as Nihas, Fatai a.k.a Coach, Alaba, and Amodu were allegedly shot dead by unidentified gunmen two kilometers to Dikua Village, their destination, when they traveled to the Borno State capital to buy millet products.

Maiduguri Mortuary

Mountain of Dead Bodies-Military hunt and kill policy out of control

Written by Adam Nossiter, New York Times MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — A fresh load of battered corpses arrived, 29 of them in a routine delivery by the Nigerian military to the hospital morgue here. Unexpectedly, three bodies started moving. “They were not properly shot,” recalled a security official here. “I had to call the J.T.F.” — the military’s joint task force — “and they gunned them down.” Adam Nossiter/The New York Times: The hospital morgue in Maiduguri, Nigeria, where large numbers of bodies have been brought.

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Gunmen Kill 20 Police Officers In Nasarawa in lawless Northern Nigeria

Posted by: Channels Television Gunmen on Wednesday attacked police officers in Alakio village, 10kilometres from Lafia, the state capital, killing no fewer than 20 police officers. According to the Commissioner of Police in Nasaarawa state, Mr Akeri Mame, the victims were going about their lawful duty of dislodging some criminal abode before they were hit by gun shots from the unidentified gunmen.