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Editorial 6 May 2013

Paying Tithe to African Pastors is Sin against GOD-The Dead Churches & Satanic Pastors By Lovina Iburene Originally the church is not a building but a local congregation of Christians . . . Christ followers with Christ-like qualities . . . entry is by confession of Christ . . . a believer who is in a state of innocence.

Weeping Women from Jos

Beheading, Bombing of Churches, Massacre of Christians-Just another day in Northern Nigeria

Weeping and Wailing at yet another Funeral of Victims of Islamic Violence Jihad inspired violence by members of the Islamic terrorist group the Boko Haram appears to be unrelenting in their propensity to continue to strike the many corners of northern Nigeria writes Confirmed report indicates that the Jihadist group may have struck again. This time the gunmen struck at the North Eastern state of Adamawa. According to the developing information, unknown gunmen believed to be members of a Jihadist group launched an attack at a popular market place near a Church. An estimated number of people dead were pegged at about 10. Several others were also injured during the attack. The attack occurred at about 4pm.

Bloody Nigeria

Nigeria bleeds from an orgy of weekend killings from North to South

Festival of Death in Nigeria Compilled by SaharaReporters A security source in Adamawa State has just phoned SaharaReporters that suspected members of the militant Islamist sect, Boko Haram, attacked a church and a market at a town bordering the Republic of Cameroon. The source disclosed that ten people lost their lives in the attacks. Our source said the suspected Boko Haram militants struck in Gila, a small town located in Maiha local government area of Adamawa State. The village, which is close to the border with Cameroon, is about 30 kilometers from Maiha, the headquarters of the local government council.