Nigeria map Armageddon

Editorial 29 April 2013

We are not asking for independence from Nigeria, what we are demanding is that we be returned to where we were before the zoo (Nigeria) was created by the masters of creation from Europe. Only God in heaven can create a nation. Europeans are not God and should not be involved in the process of creating new nations from the good Lord himself already made. Anybody that accepts the existence of One Nigeria is by default acknowledging that Europeans are in effect the God of creation of Black Africans worthy to worshipped and praised. We might as well substitute the picture of Christ with that of Lord Luggard in our churches.

Soldiers in military drill

War in Northern Nigeria as Nigeria, Chad and Niger Republic Troops kill hundreds of Hausa/Fulani civilians during battle with suspected Islamic terrorists

There is continuing outrage over the massacre of over 185 persons including women and children in a shoot to kill encounter between soldiers from Nigeria, Chad and Niger Republic and Hausa/Fulani Islamic terrorists in the Baga, area of Borno State last Friday. Baga is a fishing village near Lake Chad.