Sorrow weeping ordinary people Nigeria

Editorial 30 April 2013

The intellectual emptiness of One Nigeria apologists For those that readily dismiss the sanctity and importance of distinct ethnic and cultural uniqueness of the various groups conscripted to make up One Nigeria and advocate instead that dissolution of these divergent cultures into one cauldron of diversity are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. This flawed and misleading…

ringim inspector general

Jigawa State on fire as militiamen Surround, Attack and Bomb Inspector General of Police’ Ringim’s Residence

In further escalation of the Islamic separatist offensive in Northern Nigeria, there were reports of pandemonium in Ringim town, the headquarters of Ringim local government area of Jigawa state Sunday night as gunmen stormed the town and started shooting. An indigene of the town who spoke to Vanguard newspaper said the gunmen arrived Ringim town…

Soldiers in military drill

War in Northern Nigeria as Nigeria, Chad and Niger Republic Troops kill hundreds of Hausa/Fulani civilians during battle with suspected Islamic terrorists

There is continuing outrage over the massacre of over 185 persons including women and children in a shoot to kill encounter between soldiers from Nigeria, Chad and Niger Republic and Hausa/Fulani Islamic terrorists in the Baga, area of Borno State last Friday. Baga is a fishing village near Lake Chad.